22 Things I Learned While 22

by Bailey

1. Macaroons are better bought than made…at least in my kitchen.

2. If you ever get cocky about your traveling skills, running frantically through Heathrow airport will take you down a peg or two.

3. Saying goodbye is always difficult, even if you’ve left that place several times before.

4. High schoolers are great.

5. I’m really glad I’m no longer in high school.

6. Watching a best friend get married is an amazing experience and such a privledge.

7. In order to make a become part of a new community, you need to just jump in and be willing to be vulnerable.

8. If you order Mexican food in Britain, you will be disappointed.  Always.

9.  A phone call is better than skype.

10. That said, skype is pretty amazing when you get to hang out with your baby cousin over it.

11. Haggis and kilts are both good things, if taken in the right context.

12. You will never have a better schedule than as a Masters student.

13. You can stay close over long distance —

14. But don’t take “close-distance” for granted.

15.  Patience is a very slow lesson to learn.

16. Scarves were actually invented to keep you warm, not just for decoration…must be a UK vs. CA thing.

17. French toast tastes best eaten on a weekday.

18. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really know what kind of music I like…this needs to change.

19.  Hot water bottles are wonderful.

20.  Contrary to what women in movies would tell you, “touristing” should be done in jeans, not a dress.

21. Good pancakes are harder to make than I thought.

22. God takes such good care of me.