Today I’m loving…

by Bailey

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I know that most people love this day (or let’s be honest, hate this day) because of the date nights and romantic dinners and bouquets of flowers.  But my love for Valentines Day goes a little farther back.  I love it because it reminds me of elementary school parties where you hand out cheesy Disney valentines to everyone in the class and spend the day making crafts out of red and pink construction paper.  At 8 years old, life doesn’t get much better.  So in honor of my pro-Valentine stance, I feel like I need to write a blog post to celebrate today. This Valentine’s day I’m loving:

Having Caitlin here for the week

A surprise card in the mail (thanks Grandma Peggy!)

Adele playing in the background

Baking with Gwen
So despite the lack of cheesy valentines and red and pink crafts, I’m having a pretty good Valentines day.