by Bailey

Two of my favorite people, Caitlin and Sarah, came to visit on Thursday.  It was such a treat to be together for a couple of days!  We split our time between Stirling and Edinburgh, with plenty of laughing, talking and eating going on in both cities.  Some of the highlights of the trip included introducing Sarah to the Elephant House (where JK Rowling started Harry Potter…how could we pass that up?), visiting Stirling Castle, soaking up the fall colors, and watching Sarah try to understand some of the accents.  I think my favorite part of the weekend came a couple hours before Sarah had to leave for the airport.  Feeling the need to have one more serving of tea and scones (one of Sarah’s favorite parts about this country), we went to a cafe nearby and sat for several hours.  I felt like we were laying on my bed at home instead of sitting in a restaurant thousands of miles away.  I think that’s why it was so special.  That and the fact that there is something great about sharing your life and questions and thoughts with the same friend who heard you out when you were thirteen.

Thank you Sarah and Caitlin for such a wonderful visit!