Washed and Ironed

by Bailey

During the last few weeks I’ve been reminded that the Gospel is a beautiful thing.  I really don’t want to preach, but I do want to be honest here and share my life with you, and that has been a huge part of it recently.  I think it began with me finally admitting again, really admitting to myself, that  I don’t have it all together. Not in the funny, messy room and burnt dinner sort of way, but in the being a good person way.  The more I look at who Jesus is, the way he loved and lived, the more I realize how far I fall short.  So far. But when I admitted that again I also saw the beauty of the Gospel again: that a perfect God came to save me because I could not save myself.  As it was put in the children’s message today, Jesus and I made a trade:  I gave him my stained and ratty shirt, and in return I got one washed and ironed. If you don’t believe this, I really hope I haven’t scared you away.  I also hope that you’ll look into what Jesus says about himself and make up your own mind about him.  As for me?  I was reminded today that he is my peace and joy and righteousness, something I could never have on my own.