Meet Gwen

by Bailey

I have two flatmates, both of which will be mentioned here very often, I’m sure.  Tonight I would like to introduce you to Gwen.  A couple of things you should know about Gwen: she over-uses the word “jobby” (you should look it up), she sets up more coffee and dinner dates than anyone I’ve ever met, and she’s one of those people that live funny stories every day.  Or maybe she’s just better at telling them than the rest of us.  I’m seriously considering having a weekly Gwen post on this page, where I tell you a story or two that has come up during the week.  To give you a preview of these weekly stories, I’ll give you my favorite Gwen-quote of the day.  Moira, Gwen and I were walking to church, when Gwen announced that we had to stop.  As she phrased it, “my knickers are literally in a twist.”  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use that phrase so literally.