by Bailey

Caitlin came to visit yesterday, which was a completely last minute decision but a very welcome one. Although her primary reason in visiting Edinburgh was to visit a friend, we did manage to get in some good sister time. The highlight of the afternoon was our trip to the Meadows, which is a beautiful park near my apartment. The weather was wonderfully sunny, so we soaked up some last bits of vitamin D (that’s right, isn’t it?) while we caught up on all the things that happened in the week since we’ve seen each other. While we were sitting there we had two visitors, a spotty little spaniel and a snorty little pug. I think I’m in love with the pug, and would be very tempted to get one if I was a little more settled. After our time at the park we seriously considered making dinner, before deciding that that would be far to much effort, and Indian food sounded so much better. And the best part? It’s just beginning to look like fall.

PS The picture is from Cayucos, not Edinburgh, but it still works 🙂