by Bailey

I am a serial blogger.  I think it’s healthiest it I admit it now and try to overcome it later.  I vowed that after my last, miserable fail at blogging, I would stay silent and remain a stalker of blogs only. But with my new move I find I am bursting with things to say, and without the time or organizational skill it would take to skype all of those I would like to say them to.

I have high hopes for “Living Lovely.”  I would like this to be a travel blog, a cooking blog, a photo blog.  I would like it to be a “keep in touch” space and a space to actually (I feel overly confident even writing this!) get to know other bloggers.  Most of all, I hope it will be a place that challenges me to seek out the lovely in the midst of my messy, day to day life.

I would like to start you out with a picture of Edinburgh.  This is a horrible picture of a beautiful street called Grassmarket.  Besides being beautiful to look at, Grassmarket is home to two very exciting places.  One is a tea shop with a red teapot that I am dying to buy, despite the impossibility of it returning to the states in one piece.  The second is a Mexican food restaurant.  I haven’t gone yet, and I have a suspicion that it would be sorely dissapointing if I did, but it makes me feel good just knowing it is there.